How Do You Get A Cauldron In Graveyard Keeper?

They add to the overall quality as well as unlocking a new achievement. You will need 10 nails, 10 wooden planks, 6 pieces of stone for the wooden fence. Then 24 polished bricks of stone, 2 carved pieces of stone and 12 complex iron parts for the stone fence and the achievement. The easiest way to set up this is to have 6 benches, 2 confessionals, and as many candelabras II as required. All relevant technologies are in the theology tech tree.

Once you have them, you can finish all the questlines and the game. Now it’s time to buy a white van and drive into the desert. You cannot continue this questline the internet girl – radio edit until you have 60 happiness with the Inquisitor. Meanwhile, save all of your gold quality stories for now apart from making one gold sermon if you wish.

It’s hard to play without it once you start using it. Next, you’ll combine the zombie juice with 10 faith and a corpse at the resurrection table to raise a new zombie. Today, we’re going to have a look at the alchemy system of Graveyard Keeper.

You are able to grow carrots from the beginning of the game, so they are an easy go-to for alchemy. Finally, crafting fertilizers of the highest quality level is mandatory to complete the Inquisitor questline and for that, you need flavor enhancers. Just remember, the Philosopher’s Stone is a lie.

If you need to craft one, you need 10 Faith, 1 pen&ink and 1 clean paper. You’ll need both writing perks and the prayer for imagination to reach gold quality. I have repeated several times when and where NPCs show up so from now on I’ll simply write “talk to NPC” and I consider that you will know how to do that.

Blue points can be earned by looking into body parts such as the heart or the intestines. Flavor enhancers require ash, which you can easily get 5 of by cremating a corpse. Toxic solution comes from red mushrooms and life extract from yellow flowers. Lye injections are probably a bit overkill, but they’re something you need to use to make perfect 12 white skull corpses. Gold injections are twice as good as silver injections. They add 2 white skulls and remove 2 red skulls, but they’re much harder to make.

To make white paint, you can choose from three different recipes white powder and oil, electric power and water, or alcohol and slowing solution. 1 chaos powder + 1 death solution + 1 toxic extract. Now, you can earn some gold stories just for completing main quests , studying items , and from the confessional if you chose to build one in the church.

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