Here Are 7 Of Surfing’s Best Podcasts

This show is always entertaining, from the live shows like the recent Lennox one to the pre-recorded ones with interviews and current surf talk. Launched in 2019, WSL Studios is an independent producer of unscripted television projects, including documentaries and series, which provide unprecedented access to athletes, events, and locations around the world. WSL events and content are distributed on linear television in over 743M+ homes worldwide and across digital and social media platforms around the world, Nazaré standoutJustine Dupont suffered an unfortunate fate on her first wave, getting caught by the white water and injuring her left ankle when her foot got stuck in the strap of her board.

We host noteworthy conversations about unique experiences in, and beyond, the ocean. The story is about a child who has no interest in Santa and finds himself in the Santa world. One day, Santa is in the Santa world, and Santa is in the Santa world.

She said she’s been doing that since she moved to California and so it’s you know that’s I said Grandma and then you’re amazing. This is amazing that you’ve been doing this for this long. She goes Yeah it’s time everyone starts listening to me and catches up. Beyond the Ocean is powered by Surf Park Central, the world’s leading source for information on surf parks, surfing lagoons, and out of ocean surfing experiences. I love the idea behind them and I love the whole idea of a podcast. I know a lot of people hate podcasts, but I feel like its the perfect medium for telling the story of a movie.

It’s interesting listening to the approach David takes when talking to Scott (Spit!) or talking to Chas (Grit!). For the most part, the Surf Splendour network delivers a pretty solid range of surfing podcasts that suits everyone tastes/interest, I’m always listening to something new from them. Interview-style podcast series capturing the stories and perspectives of people around the world who have based their lives on the ocean.

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“Teaming up with Chumbo was amazing, he’s such a positive guy, has so much energy. He’s an amazing surfer, he’s so kind and he’s sharing his world so it was amazing to be out there. We got a bunch of waves and he was cheering for me and he got a bunch of good ones as well, so yeah stoked! She’s an incredible surfer and has built her life around the sport. But– we’re all complex, multi-faceted human beings, right?

It was a close battle for theWomen’s Best Performanceaward between Des Bouillons andMaya Gabeira, but patience and experience paid off for Gabeira who clinched the top spot in the last heat of the day. “We’re super stoked, we have a special connection out there. We are always looking for the same waves and that’s why I think we are the perfect match!

The santa-surfing podcast is about 12 minutes long, whereas the santa-surfing podcast is only 5 minutes long. But that’s probably for the better because the movie ends up taking a long time to make. Like any documentary, there are many points weed strain dictionary to get across, and it’s best to have less people talking than more. I can probably say no to all of the santa surf podcasts. Even though it’s a long time, I’m not sure if there are any other santa surf podcasts you’ll enjoy watching.

Neil Pearlberg surfs, SUPs, writes and talks on all things skate and surf. As co-host of Off The Lip Radio Show Neil has been documenting the colorful surfing and skateboard lifestyle of Santa Cruz for over a decade. With over 375 episodes, Off The Lip Radio show shares the stories and perspectives from famous big wave chargers, local shapers, musicians, technologists, and much more.

Podcast with DLS was never going to last, Derek couldn’t allow it! He needed one himself, to hear his own voice and have others listen, to validate !! The Lineup with Dave Prodan is from the WSL Studios, and is probably – IMO – the blue ribbon win for them as a content studio. Every episode is gold, full of insights with the who ever is getting interviewed and Dave has found his place as a podcast host quickly and has a way of seemingly creating a ‘safe space’ for the interviewee.. Pushing himself in the final moments of the day’s last heat to find a score and take the lead, Mitchell pulled into a massive backside barrel on the infamous lefts of Nazaré and unfortunately suffered a violent wipeout. Suffering a back injury, Mitchell was evaluated and treated by the medical team on-site and evacuated quickly to further assess his condition.

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