Gm All Lights Mod 6 High Mod 2007

However, you’ll still want to dig a little deeper to figure out why it came loose in the first place. Other headlight problems are also caused waffle house trailer by some combination of bad bulbs, wiring or relay problems, and bad switches. High beams let the driver see longer stretches of the road.

It’s Ok that the wire part of it is underneath the diode. The next step is to locate and inspect the headlight relay. If you pull the relay and shake it, and you hear something rattling inside, then it has probably failed.

Instead, the filament is adjusted so that the light is spread, and the driver can see everything in front. Just be aware that this is not legal in all states. In Virginia at least, the law states that no more than 4 lights can be on the front of the car/truck at a time. But you can’t have 2 lows + 2 highs + 2 DRLs on at the same time.

Take a 1N4004 diode and push the wire lead of the diode in along side the wires with a pair of needle nose pliers. You need to push hard to get it to slide in about 1/4″ so it will stay snug. Make sure the marked end of the diode is toward the High Beam. Locate pin #18 with the Brown and Violet striped wire. BCM is between the dash switch and the fuse/main buss as I suspected.

It is a goofy rule, but we have annual “safety inspections” here and most inspectors will catch that. So you might have to deactivate the mod to pass the inspection. For some reason GM decided that when your high beams are on, your fog lights don’t need to be. Well, I like my fog lights on adding more light from time to time.

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