Fox Business Host Calls Barstools Portnoy a Little B

Portnoy called Payne a “moron,” who returned the insult by referring to Portnoy as “a little bitch,” during a live broadcast of Making Money with Charles Payne last week. During a discussion on his own The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co. on Wednesday, Portnoy insisted that he enjoyed the exchange while maintaining that Payne had “made an idiot out of himself.” Charles went on to tell Dave that is not a fair statement and why is he acting people with smaller vertical business cards bank accounts, Payne did not understand that he was only attacking the people that were trolls and not attacking ‘common people’. Charles did not like Portnoy’s attitude and called him a ‘little bitch’ for complaining about losing money and these Twitter trolls attacking him. Payne pulled no punches and called Portnoy “a little bitch” in emphatic fashion. Portnoy quickly caught on to the remark and tried to laugh it off as the interview wrapped up.

Fox Business host Charles Payne grilled Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy for selling his GameStop shares, pointing out that many people are calling him “paper hands.” Payne told Portnoy he’d owe the meme-stock traders an apology for selling and helping the Wall Street establishment. “You didn’t live up to what you were saying; business management internships you helped create a movement and at the first sign of danger, you were the one who blinked,” Payne said. Portnoy livestreams himself trading stocks on almost a daily basis, priding himself on taking big risks in the market and getting an edge on professional investors he disparagingly calls the “suits” on Wall Street.

Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy appeared Thursday on Fox Business for an interview that turned into a verbal spar. You just ONE stock in any market condition… Portnoy laughed in response to Payne’s insult, maintaining that he “liked” the insult before saying that Payne was “getting trolled” and “social media is making a mockery” of him. “Hilarious clip, he called me a little bitch on national TV,” Portnoy said after a clip of his appearance with Payne played. “He’s wrong. Like, I’m so right about the argument it’s insane… I like Charles, I love that he called me a little bitch… But if you rationally think about it, he made an idiot out of himself with his argument.” I’m stunned by how many American men are feminine in both appearance and demeanor.

Payne responded by laughing and saying, “I live in a pretty big house, so I’m not worried about that.” Recount Media is a fresh approach to news that shows you what’s happening without insulting your intelligence. Host Charles Payne gives viewers an end-of-day wrap, and provide an insider’s look at tomorrow’s money makers. Get Life Cover worth Rs. 1 crore @ just Rs. 25/day to live life worry-free. Over 14 million people have watched the chill-inducing footage.

Fans and national media members praised KU for this act of sportsmanship. “These people, these are Twitter eggs that you’re listening to,” Portnoy added, calling the host a “naive fool.” Portnoy claimed he did not know who Gary Gensler, the chairman of the SEC is, prompting Payne to shut the interview down. “And you’re being a little bitch,” Payne shot back.

Payne seemed to be irked that Portnoy sold his meme stocks early, while many held on through the rough patch and have come out making big bucks on the other side. Some of those people have ripped Portnoy for selling. The people who were upset with Portnoy for selling out of his positions, or “paper-handing” the meme stocks, are “morons,” Portnoy said. He also pushed back on Portnoy’s mocking of those who criticized him for doing so. I don’t really have anything against Charles Payne, but saying Dave started and led the meme stock movement is wrong.

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