Do The Staircases Move In Harry Potter Books?

The marble staircase is just one staircasein Hogwarts – the main one in the Entrance Hall, connectingthe ground floor to the first floor. The rest of the staircases don’t move in theway depicted in the movies either – i.e. they don’tmove while someone is on them. Stairs at Hogwarts are not straightforward.

There are plenty of tricks hidden within Hogwarts to ensure that students behave and are safe. For example, did you know that if a boy tries to enter the girls’ dormitories, the stairs will turn into slides and promptly eject the boys? The same is not true for the reverse – girls are free to enter the boys’ dormitories as they please. The Harry Potter movies couldn’t possibly fit in every detail, since the books have so much detail — meaning they left a lot about Hogwarts. The document you are viewing contains questions related to this textbook.

One of them, located on the third floor, is described as a swivelling staircase . “There are a hundred and forty-two staircases at Hogwarts, of all different shapes, sizes website and styles, some of which lead to different places on different days.” The Book of Admittance and the Quill of Acceptance are two very powerful magical artifacts.

Regarding Snape, we know that Dumbledore kept him on staff due to personal reasons. I imagine the original idea for the trick steps, etc. was partly to give Hogwarts a sense of strangeness and to showcase it as a place of magic and wonder. It was also to provide a sort of commentary on British boarding schools having obscure traditions that make no sense to outsiders. In the first two films the stairs are shown to have door to corridor at every landing. But in the next films, one floor is equal to two floors in the first two films.

“This might definitely top the Hogwarts Castle itself or even the Diagon Alley set if this were made officially into a set of its own! “Imagine running to class late and suddenly the stairs move,” said a third. Real moving stairs were added in the movie adaptation, assumingly to create that special magical feel. There’s a special camaraderie between Harry Potter fans that starts the minute you meet another Potterhead. Have you taken the patronus quiz on Pottermore?

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