Can Bearded Dragons Eat Carrots? Serving Size, Risks & More

Yes it is a good idea to wash carrots to remove the dust and dirt from them before serving them to your pet dragon. Make sure that you don’t wash them with water if they are still wet as it may damage the natural taste and nutrients. Bearded dragons should not eat too much carrots as it may cause malnutrition. Too much sugar and low content of vitamin A & C can lead to liver failure, stomach disorders and lethargy. Bearded dragons can eat carrot only once or max twice per week as we mentioned earlier.

During his or her daily feeding, a baby 4 months and under should consume crickets per day. One feeding of cricket should happen between the ages of 4 months to one year for a baby who is between 4 and 40 months old. Following a year, feed one cricket a day and gradually give them up at once. Bearded Dragons require more calcium for bone development and general health.

While the beta-carotene and other vitamins in raw carrots are good for babies, don’t give them carrots more than once a week. Allow the carrots to cool, then give your bearded dragon carrots with other vegetables and topped with calcium powder. However, although carrots have the wrong calcium to phosphorus ratio they’re less toxic than some other vegetables.

You can choose carrots that have bright colors and they should be firm to touch as it will indicate freshness. Carrots should not be soft or wrinkly because this might mean that it has already gone bad. There are many different kinds of carrots, but the best kind is dill-type carrot as it has less scent compared to other types. It is less likely to cause a foul smell when it comes in contact with your pet’s feces. The best way to serve them carrots is to cut the leaf away from the stems, wash it thoroughly and then feed your pet with a small portion. Put everything in their enclosure so they can nibble on their own without giving them a large portion that they will not finish.

A cheese grater is perfect for grating raw carrots into small, thin pieces easier for your dragon to chew and swallow. Since they already provide very little calcium and phosphorus, it may be better to feed them which perspective most clearly focuses on how we learn observable responses? raw if getting the most out of their nutritional value is your primary concern. Many pre-sliced vegetables, baby carrots specifically, are washed with a chlorine rinse which could contain harmful preservatives.

Juvenile Bearded Dragonsshould be fed insects five out of seven times a week, while still feeding greens everyday, according to reptile expert Pete Hawkins. An adult requires food consisting mainly of leafy greens and vegetables and some insects and should be fed once a day. Carrots can also make an excellent gutloading vegetable for the insects you might feed your bearded dragon. The best way to offer the carrots is to grate them as this will make them much easier to consume.

However, keep in mind, no matter the age, these pets are omnivores that need a wide range of vegetables and insect protein. We also recommend that you use a sturdy and shallow bowl that won’t easily tip over. A shallow bowl makes it easy for your beardie to reach all the food and reduces eating-related stress.

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