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Many crypto supporters believe NFTs will be a transformative idea that will shake up a number of industries like art, music, and online games. The Bitcoin SV network is a decentralized network which makes it very reliable as it has a lot of redundancy. If a node goes down there are always many other nodes operated by other entities that are there as back-up.

We believe that Bitcoin SV can provide immense value to individuals, organizations and governments around the world in its use as a general purpose commodity ledger. A core element of the value proposition of Tokenized is that businesses who build extensively on the platform can do so without being exposed to the volatility of Bitcoin. It is Bitcoin’s value as a commodity ledger that our company aims to unlock for our customers. Users can also use tokens as collateral and can freeze their tokens such that they can only be unfrozen with the relevant counterparty’s signature attached to the thaw request. It is an award-winning open-source solution that was designed by the Tokenized team, with the goal of turning it into a global data interchange standard. Join our Community channels on Telegram and Github to make requests and suggestions and stay informed of updates.

Blockchain competitors who could serve the NFT space include projects like Filecoin, Cardano, EOS, Tron, Komodo, Qtum, Polkadot, Cosmos, and Avalanche. According to Arweave’s claims, the protocol the team designed is meant to permanently store virtually unlimited quantities of data onchain. “Due to Arweave’s ‘pay once, store forever’ data storage model, NFT creators using Arweave can rest assured that their NFT’s assets will be available hundreds of years in the future,” the project’s blog post insists.

Large blocks require large amounts of storage, but the cost of storage is already extremely cheap, and all storage demands can be accomodated easily by adding more storage capacity in parallel. Since goku’s last name network fees are charged on a per-byte basis, all extra space required will be paid for by the users. The current state of the network and protocol allows for highly reliable instant transactions.

The NFT hype continues to swell as Monty Python’s John Cleese is selling an iPad drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge on Opensea, and Swedish musician and artist Jonas Quant announced launching an NFT called Dreamfng. Join our growing global community and discuss the latest updates, current uses of the protocol and even share your ideas with the Tokenized team. Sina Estavi, CEO of the TRON-related company Bridge Oracle, won the auction.

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