98 Synonyms & Antonyms Of Copped

The league copped a lot of criticism by making this move but has generally been successful and has resulted in reduced travel. Both sides dished out physical punishment and copped it as well. Having been unable to get out to work, those women then copped it by not having proper pension provision or carer’s allowance for their old age. They had a list, and the bookmakers knew when they were due to be copped and fined.

This could result in some loss of sucrose in the cane – especially of mechanically harvested chopped cane – entering the factory. Retinas were then removed and chopped into 8-12 small pieces. Every year firewood will be delivered and chopped according to her needs and transport provided to church and for her grain to the mill. The drums contained 12 roughly chopped slats (lying horizontally and occupying c. 5 cm of the drum height).

Reducing and/or eliminating tillage operations can significantly reduce turnaround time on lands that are double or triple cropped annually. To cope is to successfully manage something difficult or challenging. An example how many valence electrons does cl have of cope is when you are able to get through the hard time after your mother’s death. An example of cope is when a street is wide enough to handle the amount of traffic it gets. Are we missing a good definition for copped?

Frank copped out and got off with a night in the cooler. To break one’s promise about doing something. You said you would and now you are copping out of it. You need to take responsibility here, so don’t give me some lame copout about why you can’t go to the disciplinary meeting. I said I’d go to the birthday party, but I didn’t have anything to wear and copped out at the last minute.

The verb chop has two arguments that include a chopper and an object chopped. A piece that has been chopped off, especially a cut of meat, usually taken from the rib, shoulder, or loin and containing a bone. Chopped off his sentence midway; are going to chop expenses. Add cropped to one of your lists below, or create a new one. The term self-organization has cropped up in the developmental literature with increasing frequency in the last few years.

The app is called Cop or Drop.It is a very simple app. Picture it like this think of a sneaker picture and under it says cop or drop. Cop meaning they want to get that sneaker and drop meaning they dont want the sneaker. After the person chooses cop or drop. Then it will so how many people in all cop or drop it.

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