30 Great Diy Ideas For Garage Storage And Organization

Brackets to support the top and back of the rack. Deep—customize the dimensions to fit your yard tools. To determine the best shape for your slots, measure the diameter of your tools and cut basic slots in the top of the rack. Then play with the shape of your slots to get a snug fit. A weed eater can be easily hung on a set of closet shelf brackets. The place where the clothes rod rests forms a great cradle for your weed eater to hang horizontally on any wall.

I also have the FS 55R and always store it laying down, either on the floor or on some hooks on the wall. When storing a weed eater, make sure to keep it in a dry and cool place. Store it away from heaters, as this may affect the product’s performance. Professionals and homeowners alike hold strong opinions on this issue. Since I had the Stihl Kombi system mounted vertically, I did it both with the engine up and down. Rather than mixing a variety of old bins in various colors on your fresh new storage system, get that perfectly clean, sleek look with a cohesive set.

Totes are my favorite way to store things I don’t need access to that often. Many garages are built with an outdoor workspace in mind, and that doesn’t mean it has to be dirty or grimy either. Easy access cabinets and drawers frame a nice countertop surface perfect for all sorts of crafty business. Plus, it takes full advantage of the windows for both light and air flow. Plumbing hooks are designed to support pipes, but they make great storage hooks too. We used them to hold ladders, sports gear and wheelbarrows.

Both homeowners and lawn care professionals organize their tools by hanging trimmers on walls in sheds or inside portable enclosed trailers. With a small yard, an electric corded or battery-powered weed trimmer makes quick work of trimming chores. For a large yard, choose a trimmer with enough runtime to tackle the whole job at once. Cordless, battery-powered trimmers can handle large jobs, but you might need to buy an extra battery to ensure you have the power capacity to do the whole yard at once. String trimmers, also known as weed trimmers, are extremely useful when caring for your outdoor space. A well-maintained trimmer can easily cut weeds and grass wherever necessary, as well as edge walks for a nice, neat appearance.

Don’t forget to do that job outdoors to keep your garage clean and to avoid any additional hard work. Thriving Yard aims to simplify the unnecessarily complex process of growing there aren’t health risks with any yoga positions or forms and maintaining a healthy, thriving lawn. Before storing, it’s important to clean your gas trimmer. Clear all of the grass dirt, dust, or anything else stuck to it.

If you can’t easily find studs behind drywall, use a stud finder to locate them. Choose a spot about a foot higher than needed so the Weed Eater can hang from its handle without the cutting assembly’s touching the floor. Forty-eight inches is a fair estimate for most residential units. Use a 4-foot spirit level to draw a horizontal line. It’s not uncommon for the garage to double as a home gym, and many households also use this space to store extra refrigerators. No matter what type of bulky items need to fit in your garage, it’s important to leave plenty of walking room.

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